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The Holiday Boys are at it again, and this time, Bring Your Pet to School Day is the reason why. After seeing the different pets their classmates have, The Holiday Boys devise a plan to ask Mommy and Daddy for a pet of their own. But pets are a lot of responsibility. Will The Holiday Boys get their wish? Can they prove that they are responsible enough to care for a pet?

The Tall Man

The Holiday Boys are scared of the dark and a mysterious Tall Man that seems to visit them every night. When the boys attempt to tell their Mom about The Tall Man she assures them that it is simply their imaginations and there is nothing to fear. Big brother is tasked with protecting his little brother and uses his imagination to come up with a plan of defense! Finally, The Holiday Boys are safe, or so it seems... Who is this Tall Man and what does he want with The Holiday Boys?

The Holiday Boys

When a new baby comes into the family, the oldest brother begins to question where he will fit in. He knows how special he is but doesn't know how his family will change because of the new edition. His parents assure him that he will play a big role in the new baby's life because he is going to be his big brother! After the baby arrives both Mom and Dad don't hesitate to remind him of how special he and his baby brother are because they were both born on special days! Big brother was born on Halloween and baby brother arrived on April Fools' Day! Mom let's big brother know that they are her HOLIDAY BOYS and will be loved by all

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Big brother is experiencing some growing pains. He loves his little brother but often feels discouraged because he is missing out on all the fun he could be having with his friends because he is always tasked with taking care of his little brother. Big brother will soon understand that having a sibling means having a special bond with someone! A bond that will grow into old age!

A New Friend

Little brother has always been a good student who is kind and adored by all his teachers and classmates. Recently, he has been experiencing troubles at school. He talks to his big brother and Mom about what is going on but still has a difficult time understanding how special he is until he is reminded by a New Friend

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