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Letter from the Author


I hope that you are enjoying The Holiday Boys book series. I plan to keep on writing beautiful stories of teachable lessons for your children to learn from and enjoy! When I wrote the 1st book in the series I was unhappy in an abusive marriage, fantasizing about the life I wanted with my children, full of joy and happiness… The 1st book represents my escape, with my boys, because they are the reason I am alive today, they are my Holiday Boys and I celebrate them daily♥.


I want The Holiday Boys to be recognized by children of all backgrounds worldwide. In the future, I would like for The Holiday Boys to become a cartoon series and eventually a motion picture that children can learn life lessons from. I invite you to visit to support this family oriented brand and donate to the cause. A portion of all proceeds go towards domestic violence awareness, education & resources to victims and survivors.


Peace, blessings and love to you and your family,
Onicka J. Daniel

Mission:  To provide a pleasant escape and creative outlet for all children, especially those suffering from abuse or who live in abusive environments.

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